A country on the rise

CD_2019_03_Slowakei_1CD_2019_03_Slowakei_2CD_2019_03_Slowakei_3Since gaining its independence in 1993, Slovakia’s economy has been doing very well despite all associated challenges.

A country portrait and an interview with Slovakia’s ambassador to Vienna, Peter Mišík

Cercle Diplomatique 03/2019


Auf der Straße: Audi e-tron. Am Steuer: S.E. David Dondua / On the road: Audi e-tron. Behind the wheel: H.E. David Dondua

CD_2019_02_AmbassadorsDrive_Dondua_1CD_2019_02_AmbassadorsDrive_Dondua_2Der Botschafter von Georgien auf CD-Testfahrt.

The Ambassador of Georgia performs a test drive for CD.

Cercle Diplomatique 2/2019 (Sommer/summer)

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