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DOTWN_2014_Champagne_Seite_1DOTWN_2014_Champagne_Seite_2DOTWN_2014_Champagne_Seite_3The Champagne region of France is waiting to be acknowledged as a ‘cultural landscape’ by UNESCO. In the meantime, the homeland of bubbles offers wonderful DOTWN_2014_Champagne_Seite_4experiences for those in the know.

Destinations of the World News, Dubai, December 2014

Vienna’s new era

DOTWN_2014_Vienna_Seite_1DOTWN_2014_Vienna_Seite_2DOTWN_2014_Vienna_Seite_3DOTWN_2014_Vienna_Seite_4DOTWN_2014_Vienna_Seite_5Austria’s capital is marching proudly into a new era of prosperity, where gleaming new hotels and carefully restored historical houses are offering discrete luxury experiences for discerning visitors.

Destinations of the World News, Dubai, December 2014

Jewels in a treasure chest

DOTWN_2014_08_Montenegro_01DOTWN_2014_08_Montenegro_02DOTWN_2014_08_Montenegro_03DOTWN_2014_08_Montenegro_04DOTWN_2014_08_Montenegro_05DOTWN_2014_08_Montenegro_06DOTWN_2014_08_Montenegro_07Small but perfectly formed, Montenegro is a hidden gem on the Adriatic Coast

Destination of the World News, Dubai, August 2014

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